The finest senior citizen cellular plan is right at your fingertips. There is a plan out there for everyone, regardless of age or phone kind.

The finest cell phone plans for seniors guarantee that your monthly phone bill will rise. There’s a plan out there to keep your wireless plan expenses in control, whether it’s a plan especially geared to seniors or merely a low-cost one that still offers the proper amount of speak, text, and data.

Cell phones are owned by 97 percent of persons aged 50 and over. Even though the great majority of this population has a smartphone, smartphone service may be expensive, costing upwards of $70 per month.

The finest mobile phone[i] for seniors is useless unless it is accompanied by an equally helpful cell phone plan.

When determining the top senior mobile phone plans, considered the following factors:

Fair pricing: Working with a mobile provider can be a pain due to hidden fees, setup charges, and other unexpected expenditures. All of the suppliers on this list have simple pricing, so you won’t be surprised by your monthly payment.

Reliable coverage: So, looked for providers with the most extensive nationwide coverage because it goes without saying that a cell phone should operate almost everywhere.

Device options:  It’s also easy to assume that all seniors like big-button flip phones, we realize that everyone is different. We searched for carriers who provide a variety of devices, such as those that allow you to bring your own phone while keeping your existing number.

Senior-specific features: Regardless of age, we all need a phone for communication. However, other companies, such as Lively, provide senior-specific features like emergency response buttons and hearing-aid compatible devices.

Ample minutes, texts, and data: With many individuals leaving their landline service, you’ll most likely want a substantial quantity of use included in your plan. All of the plans featured below include inexpensive unlimited plans that do not impose hefty overage fees.

Types of Cell Phone Plans

Text and Talk Phone Plans

Both call and message plans are designed for those who solely use their phones to talk and text. They are useful for elderly individuals who do not have mobile phones or do not utilize them to download apps, watch videos, or access the internet. Many mobile phone service providers provide customized or limitless communication and communication options. They are frequently less expensive than ones that include information, photos, video, and online access.


A prepaid cellphone plan allows you to pay for what you need each month instantly and at a fair rate. These plans are ideal if you need to save expenses without sacrificing quality or integration, as well as reduce the danger of unexpected bills at the end of the month. There are various pre-payment options available, ranging from required chat and messaging options to limitless information plans.

No-Contract Plans

You expected to be exposed to a credit check and commit to monthly payments when you signed up for a cell phone contract. More providers are now offering flexible and low-cost plans without long-distance commitments. A non-contract plan will not protect you if you need to make changes at any point during your existing agreement or with your current provider.

Unlimited Phone

If a senior is needed to utilize applications, watch videos, or make several decisions on their mobile, an unlimited plan is unfathomable. Because there is no need to worry about information execution or paying overage costs, limitless plans often provide unlimited speeches, messages, and information.


Owning a smartphone might be costly, especially when SMS and data are included. There are, however, a variety of communication companies with varied options and prices to fulfill diverse demands, including telephone plans designed specifically for elderly folks.


T-Mobile offers a phone plan for those over the age of 55 that includes an unlimited number of calls, messages, and data. The monthly fee is $27.50, and there is no need for a long-term commitment. The setup is suitable with a wide range of devices, from basic flip phones to Apple and Samsung delivery delays. If you receive a free handset as part of the agreement, you may be required to pay for a portion of the phone if you terminate the contract before it expires.


The agreement is meant for those over the age of 65 and is available for 200 minutes each month for $29.99. You’ll also have 500 minutes for a very long time. The agreement allows for limitless calls to other AT&T Mobility subscribers; however, it is only accessible for conventional telephones, not mobile phones. If you need more information or additional phone options, you can upgrade to a more expensive arrangement.

55+ Sprint Plus

If you’re 55 or older, the package includes unlimited texting, calling, and data, as well as unlimited usage of portable areas of interest. In addition, you will be able to view DVD-quality films online and travel to over 180 countries. If you move to the arrangement, the monthly fee is $50 for one line or $70 for two lines.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is a great option for the best PDA for older females, with a stipend of 4 to 15 GB and unlimited voice and message. You purchase your arrangement immediately with this carrier for a certain period of three, six, or twelve months-with more elaborate plans starting at $15-25 per month.


Because of its low cost, simpler devices, and medical alert capabilities, Lively is one of our top senior cell phone providers. Furthermore, their programs do not need long-term commitments.

Lively offers two smartphone models: the Jitterbug Flip and the Jitterbug Smart. The Flip is a straightforward flip phone for seniors, but the Smart is a well-designed smartphone that is surprisingly easy to use.

Lively additionally provides health and safety packages that transform your phone into a medical alert gadget.

Starting at $15 per month for call-only service; $20 per month for unlimited talk and text service.

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