A dumpster is a container designed to collect waste and to take it away by means of a collection vehicle, or a bin that is lifted by a specifically designed truck lifts, empties it, and throws it at the spot. The main motive behind a dumpster is to collect trash to dispose of it.

Dumpsters are designed to be used for all waste materials, and for recycling that waste.

A dumpster rental is a large steel vessel which is designed especially for collecting the garbage waste into the trucks. The main motive behind such services is to stockpile the rubbish until it is thrown via the garbage truck to be disposed of. It can also be used up for a huge yard clean-up that produce a lot of waste materials.

Dumpster rentals services come up with an economical and relatively cheap option for waste disposal for individuals.  These are quite simple, easy, and safe methods of waste disposal.  It’s too convenient to rent dumpsters near your home or workplace. Some of the rental companies provide same-day dumpster replacement service depending on the quantity of the garbage and the services availed by the customers while others may replace the dumpster when it is full.

The size and easy mobility of the dumpsters allows a safe and easy way to discard garbage before it reaches a landfill. The types of dumpsters vary depending on how debris is loaded, the type of debris they collect, and their way of being transported. Depending on these factors, dumpsters are classified[i] as:

  • Commercial dumpsters
  • Construction dumpsters
  • Residential dumpsters

Commercial Dumpster

These are the most common dumpsters usually spotted at restaurants, parking lots, and gas stations. They are generally rented permanently and they pick up the garbage regularly to let the dump trucks carry the trash away. A commercial dumpster is usually covered with a lid to prevent odors, repel pests, and keep the environment healthy. Commercial dumpsters are either front-loaded or rear-loaded.

Dumpsters that load from the front side are usually between 2-8 cubic yards in size. They have spikes that allow them to lock into place, pick the dumpster, and put the garbage into the trash bin of the truck.

Rear loading dumpsters are also near 2-8 cubic yards in size. These employ a hinge system and a winch to put the garbage into a trash bin. The hook pulls in the dumpster in an upward direction until the garbage within it is dumped into the trash bin of the truck.

Construction[ii] dumpsters

Construction dumpsters knew as roll-off dumpsters due to the presence of wheels on the bottom that pull the containers away. It has a capacity of between 10-40 cubic yards, they are ideal for a massive range of cleaning projects like demolition.

Residential Dumpster

Residential dumpsters and construction dumpsters are similar but residential dumpsters are used for projects, like renovations, junk removal, and flooring, etc., they are also temporary and are taken away once they are full. Residential dumpsters have low storage capacities as compared to commercial and construction dumpsters.

Often, the dumpster type depends on the size also. Commercial dumpsters are available in 2-8 cubic yards, while construction dumpsters have storage up to 40 cubic yards. Dumpsters are considered the king of waste disposal due to their huge storage capability and mobility.

Dumpster Rental Prices

The prices of a dumpster rental service depend on several factors such as location, duration of the rental, number of cubic yards, and the number of pickups. The rental companies let the home and business owners choose large dumpster containers which can be picked up when they are fully occupied.

Factors Affecting Dumpster Rental Prices

There is not any exact dumpster size or price. A number of elements, like the size of the dumpster, and type of debris, location, the weight of the trash, etc., determine the rental dumpster prices.

Dumpster Size

There are a number of sizes of dumpsters available for different jobs ranging in size from 10-40 cubic yards. Commercial dumpsters are available in 2-8 cubic yards, while construction dumpsters have storage up to 40 cubic yards.


The location of the company, the proximity of the customer’s location to the company, and the ease of getting the dumpster to dump will all affect the price. The location directly affects transportation delivery costs. For example, if the customer is far from a city, it may increase your cost. The same is applicable if the dumping site is far from the location of the customer.

Rental Company Type

Local rental companies, national chains, and out-of-state brokers each have their own rules and regulations, and the costs also. There are a lot of companies available that rent a dumpster, and they all have to charge different dumpster rental prices due to their varying business models:

  • A local rental company can often charge the least prices. But it might not possess the dumpster size needed when you want with a limited budget.
  • A large national chain has an enormous budget and customer service capability to fulfill every need of the consumer.
  • Out-of-state brokers do not own dumpsters themselves. But they connect the customer with a service provider booking and scheduling dumpster for you.

There are a number of factors which are necessary to be kept in mind other than the price. The most thing is the size of the dumpster to occupy your need while planning to rent a dumpster. the price factor depends on the size of the dumpster. Another thing to consider is the services which are offered by a particular company, the way of handling the waste material is also mandatory to be known. Recently, most companies are using roll-off services for renting a dumpster. The renting companies will be using roll-off for mobility of the dumpster from the location and will replace it with a new one

Finding a dumpster near you

The companies offering dumpster rental services can be searched online these days depending on the area where someone lives.


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