A playground consists of more than just swings and slides for kids to enjoy. One of the most essential aspects of a child’s development is the sort of play that occurs on a playground.

Manufacturers of commercial playground equipment specialize in playground design, games, big playgrounds, low-cost play spaces, theme sculptures, and environmentally aware children’s playgrounds. Thus, every industry has put money into expanding its boundaries in the creation, production, and improvement of children’s playgrounds. You enhance your capacity to live more quickly, better communicate, and absorb information from your surroundings. Identify your location as well as the young people who are learning how to play with the right equipment.

There appear to be several alternatives; however, PlaygroundEquipment.com can assist you in selecting the most quality outdoor play equipment to assist you in creating a pleasant and safe environment for the children in your region. Commercial playgrounds are available in a number of sizes and styles, and they provide outstanding customer service. It provides high-quality, low-cost, safe, and long-lasting commercial playground equipment, as well as creative and conventional playground equipment. They are committed to providing the greatest outdoor children’s brands that will give years of enjoyment to the children in your community, whether you desire commercial school, church, or park play spaces.

They sell all of the necessary components for a wonderful playground, such as:

  • Slides
  • Music toys
  • Standing panels
  • Games
  • Seesaws
  • Tubes for crawling
  • Spring movers and shakers
  • Rugged rocks
  • Free spinners
  • Swing sets
  • Balance toys
  • Tree homes
  • And many more

They have everything you need to construct a magnificent public playground, regardless of the type of outdoor play equipment, because they sell goods from the top commercial playground equipment manufacturers. Their large selection of for-sale playgrounds covers anything from whole play systems to individual components.

Manufacturers and Brands[i]

  1. Worlds of Wow

When it comes to indoor themed settings and play, Worlds of Wow is the master. They create unique artwork and graphics to bring your imaginative thoughts and dreams to life! Worlds of Wow understands what it takes to design a one-of-a-kind indoor play environment that meets your specifications.

Services and Products

  • Customized Airbrushing
  • Indoor Playground Equipment
  • Sculptures in three dimensions
  • Digital Wallpaper for the Walls
  • Conceptualization Services
  • Theming
  1. Wacky World Studios

Wacky Globe Studios has been producing some of the most creative locations in the world for over four decades. Their award-winning design team can convert ordinary places into fully immersive, exceptional atmospheres by utilizing wall coverings, signage, 2D and 3D components, multi-media, and more.

Products and Services

  • Animated Murals
  • Design Services
  • Interactive Projection
  • Immersive Theming
  • Custom Murals
  • 3D Sculptures
  • Theater Backdrops and Props
  • Slides & Play Features
  • Logos & Branding
  1. GameTime

GameTime has been a major designer, producer, and customer service provider of commercial playground equipment and entertainment goods since 1929. GameTime collaborates with park and recreation professionals, schools, and youth organizations to provide recreation solutions for all ages.

Products and Services

  • Sports Equipment
  • Park Amenities
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Gear for Commercial Playgrounds
  • Custom Themed Play Structures
  • Surfacing


  1. BigToys

BigToys has been an industry leader in ecologically friendly playground equipment that protects the environment, promotes innovation, and builds strong communities for almost 40 years. BigToys is a global pioneer in offering age-appropriate and enjoyable play experiences.

Products and Services

Environmentally-friendly Playground Equipment

  1. Play & Park Structures

Play & Park Structures is committed to creating fun playground sets that encourage healthy kid development, as well as imagination and creativity. Structures at playgrounds and parks are constructed with demanding activities for people of all ages or specific age groups.

Products and Services

  • Commercial Playground Equipment
  • Surfacing
  • Site Amenities
  • Sports Equipment
  • Freestanding Play Equipment
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  1. Superior Recreational Products

For more than three decades, Superior Recreational Products has been developing and acquiring product lines that allow you to play, relax, and live. They build full-service playgrounds for parks and recreation agencies as well as religious organizations, fostering community and improving people’s lives.

Products and Services

  • Commercial Playground Equipment
  • Site Amenities
  • Grounds for Play
  • Shelters
  • Play Components
  • Shade Structures
  1. UltraPlay

The playground structures from UltraPlay are simple, self-installing play systems that are also affordable, compliant, and quick to ship. Their playground equipment complies with ASTM commercial performance standards as well as CPSC safety and material quality guidelines.

Products and Services

  • Preschool Playground Equipment
  • Commercial Playground Equipment

Best Playground Equipment in terms of cost[ii]

For a less costly or smaller backyard set, there are a few good options in the $500 price range. This category of playsets is usually suited for younger children and serves as a great starting point. Full-featured or wooden playsets are few. In general, you will discover a plethora of metal swing sets that lack the most fundamental features.

  • Cedar Wood Playset Backyard Discovery
  • Wooden Swing Set Buckley Hill

It’s fine if you want to build your own little playset playground. However, if your equipment is complicated or the playground is for the community, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Professional playground installers charge between $150 and $900. The neighborhood handyman, for example, will charge between $150 and $300, while the installation will charge between $300 and $900. However, the playground’s vendors can build it for free or at a low fee.

under $2,000

Here are several good alternatives under $2,000 if you want a large playground with all the amenities you could want. In this pricing range, there are just about ten distinct options. The vast bulk of the sets were very huge! However, given the variety of equipment and features, the size makes sense. Please be certain if you’re looking for appropriate yard space in this pricing range! Assembly time is also critical. The larger the kit, the longer it takes to assemble!

  • Deluxe Frontier Gorilla Backyard
  • Cedar Swing from Skyfort
  • Swing-N-Slide Grandview
  • KidKraft Brooksville Cedar Wood Swing Set
  • Backyard Discovery Woodland All Cedar Wood Playset
  • Lifetime Adventure Tower


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