A minivan is a vehicle that is smaller than a van yet can seat seven to nine people. Minivans likewise have a car-like front end, opening rear hatches, and three rows of seats.

The engine compartment on automobiles and many trucks protrudes substantially forward – such a body has a prominent hood that adopts an almost horizontal posture. The engine in a minivan is crammed into a tiny compartment directly underneath the front of the cabin. This compartment is usually positioned between the driver and the front passenger. As a result, the minivan’s hood is quite short and sharp, blending with the windshield.

This sort of body construction allows you to get the maximum useable volume for the required dimensions. As a result, minivans first appeared during the dawn of the automotive industry, at the beginning of the twentieth century, when automobiles were prohibitively expensive. People sought more capacity and convenience for their money, despite the weaker technological and dynamic qualities, as well as the controversial appearance.

Every year, millions of minivans are sold throughout the world, and demand for them is rather steady – since the desire for them is not driven by a fashion trend, but by everyday need. Minivans offer some clear benefits[i]:

  • A large internal capacity in a compact package
  • It drives more like a big passenger vehicle than a truck
  • Two rows of chairs may be folded to accommodate a significant amount of goods
  • Because of the aerodynamic body, it consumes less gasoline
  • A category B license is all that is required to drive a minivan
  • Tall persons have too much space, even in the back seats
  • It is simple to plant and drop off elderly, handicapped, and young children

Top Rated[ii]

Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica is the greatest news in the minivan industry for the 2021 model year. The top-selling minivan not only received an external facelift and new interior technology, but the 2017 model year also had a hybrid engine and optional all-wheel drive. The Pacifica is still available in front-wheel drive with or without the hybrid powertrain, as well as all-wheel drive. On hybrid models, front-wheel drive is standard.

The Pacifica Hybrid has an all-electric range of up to 33 miles, making it an even better commuting vehicle. Because no other manufacturer offers a minivan with the level of inside luxury that the Pacifica provides, the Pacifica genuinely surpasses the competition between the doors. The Pacifica Pinnacle is the ultimate modern luxury minivan, from the premium UConnect infotainment system to the premium leather-wrapped surfaces.


  • Utility for all seasons
  • There is plenty of cargo and passenger room.
  • Extremely luxurious


  • It may be costly.

Price: The regular front-wheel-drive variant starts at $35,000, while the all-wheel-drive vehicle starts at $38,000. The Hybrid begins at $40,000 and goes up from there.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is all-new, with the most significant change being the standard hybrid powertrain on all variants. The 3.5-liter hybrid drive system achieves 33 miles per gallon combined, making it the minivan sector leader, while 243 system horsepower provides a thrilling driving experience. All-wheel drive is available on all base models for those who want it, while front-wheel drive is standard. Of course, the new Sienna has a lot of inside room, but the degree of technology varies according to the trim level.


  • Good fuel mileage
  • AWD is offered a smooth ride.
  • Typical safety equipment


  • Lacks the power of a V6.
  • Looks that are divisive
  • Second row cannot be folded.

Price: starts at $34,460.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey has been a reliable vehicle for a long time, and we’re pleased to report that it remains so. The Odyssey, which is powered by a 280-hp V-6, is unquestionably the best choice for drivers. Its driving dynamics and shifter paddles are unusual for a minivan, and its outstanding suspension tuning makes it ride like it’s designed to tow a little ass instead of kids. All Odyssey versions above the base LX grade can seat eight people.

Upgrades to Honda Sensing for the 2021 Odyssey include Low-Speed Follow, Pedestrian Emergency Braking, and Traffic Sign Recognition to the already extensive list of safety features.


  • The Interior is quite functional,
  • clever tech features
  • Unique second-row changeable seats


  • Heavyweight back seats were difficult to remove
  • The ride is rather harsh on 19-inch wheels

Price: starts at $31,790

Ford Transit Connect

The configurability of the 2021 Ford Transit Connect appeals to both tradespeople and individuals who appreciate adaptability. Depending on whether the cargo van or the passenger wagon is selected, this city van may be outfitted to tote up to seven passengers or hollowed out to convey items. A short or long chassis, symmetrical back doors or a rear liftgate, and two alternative four-cylinder powertrains are also available from Ford. The small van has quick driving skills that will come in handy in congested locations, despite its practical attitude and rough ride. With its numerous settings and a broad list of popular choices, the 2021 Transit Connect demonstrates that it is a very valuable tool.

Although it is only available with front-wheel drive, there are two more four-cylinder engines to select from. A six-speed automatic transmission is coupled with the 2.5-liter engine. This combination is slow, especially while driving on the highway. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic gearbox is also available.

It has a towing capacity of 2000 pounds and a payload capacity of 1570 pounds. Because of its precise steering and well-controlled body movements, the previous long-wheelbase variant we drove felt quite nimble in town. However, it felt bouncy while driving over uneven roads and had inconsistent highway tracking.


  • Drives with remarkable speed
  • A number of configuration choices
  • A very adaptable cabin


  • Interior components are underwhelming
  • Ride quality which is unrefined
  • A sluggish highway passing power

Price: Starting at $28,795

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